How to train a dog: tips for beginners

If you are passionate about canids, you will surely want to know how to train a dog. Although it is said quickly, it is not an easy task, which is why there is a profession exclusively for it Dog training spring tx. The fact is that, in this post we want to provide you with some advice so that you know, as a future dog trainer, what the topic is about. So, take note.

How to train a dog?
Here we provide you with a few professional recommendations so you know how to train a dog from scratch.

  1. Identify the age of the dog
    As a future dog trainer , one of the most important elements you need to know before starting other training techniques is the age of the dog. If you introduce a puppy over eight weeks old or an older dog into the home, you must make sure that he is prepared not to bite others and to have a domestic life.

The fact that he has learned to come when called, to sit, to lie down and to follow other types of commands can be part of later training. However, it is important, for example, that you have interacted with several people, so that you react correctly to having a new family from the beginning.

  1. Interact with the dog
    If you are going to adopt an adult dog , you must let the different members of the family interact with it, thus checking the dog’s reaction to each of them, since they are going to live together.
  2. Start with small tricks
    From the day the dog or puppy enters the home, we recommend that you try your own training program . Above all, it is very important to teach him not to bite, neither people nor furniture. Also, by training the dog you can prevent it from barking too much. Each of the training techniques to be used must be done through positive reinforcement , since rewards are always much more effective than punishments.
  3. Work on sociability
    A dog never stops learning to socialize with others, just as it can happen with a person. We are not only referring to socializing with guests at home, but also with other dogs. To do this, it is vitally important to introduce him little by little so that he does not get scared and reward him if he reacts well. In the case of socializing with dogs, a good idea is to go to a pipican at those times where there are fewer people and dogs . In this way, the situation can be better controlled and socialization facilitated little by little.
  4. Avoid giving food that does not touch
    We know that dogs when they want something, especially if it is related to food, they get it. At any level of training, it is very important not to feed them anything that is not part of their diet . The rewards, when they do something well, should be theirs and given in moderation. Likewise, it is highly recommended that, for play time, they are given chewing toys or toys stuffed with some treats or grains of food. In this way, they will reduce their anxiety and work on their cognitive skills.
  5. Train him without a leash
    To train a dog without a leash it must be done in a safe space. When he comes to the call, it is important to reward him.
  6. Introduce short training periods in games and walks
    This involves, for example, practicing the “sit” when playing or the “stay” in the middle of the walk and within a two-minute interval. The dog will learn not to pull and will associate walks and games with a reward.

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