Custom screen printing for company events

Although it may seem like an archaic technique, the truth is that promotional gifts continue to be, well into the 21st century, a fantastic communication tool capable of delivering our brand for free (what the unit has cost us…) to any corner, no matter how far away it may be local screen printing.

Furthermore, based on the fact that today more than ever we must maintain contact with the client, in which we must make more visits to clients and in which we must hold more promotional events to maintain them, we must not ignore these details.

And it is still a great way to make our firm known through promotional gifts to our clients, since every time they use them, they will see our brand and remember us. In addition, the same clients through its use can advertise us to other hypothetical clients . And not only that, it is a way to show our affection in an economical way…

As we have said, it’s about them seeing our brand, right? Well, the first thing we must take into account is that our brand is always visible, speaking in terms of quality and use. So, on the one hand, let’s try to give away products that can be used ( USB drives, keychains, t-shirts, pens …); and on the other hand, let’s ensure that the quality of the printed image does not lose quality over time.

At TintasGreis you can find various forms of more than just printing at the best price. We must also keep in mind that if we want to be remembered, it is not enough to just give any gift, regardless of its usefulness and quality, but we must try to be as original as possible. A good way to be original is to personalize business gifts ( date of an event, client’s name, client’s logo… ).

Have you heard of screen printing?
At this point we already know that screen printing is one of the most popular techniques and that it offers the most options within promotional objects, since it is a technique that can be used to print on practically any product that comes to mind, as long as it has of a flat surface : textile, paper, plastics, glass, metal…

There are a large number of promotional products that are increasingly susceptible to becoming corporate gifts for their clients, such as USB flash drives, t-shirts, pens, keychains … In addition, screen printing allows us to apply thicker inks to the product and achieve more interesting effects. Screen printing is an economical process, and therefore very profitable, since for a low price we can screen print a number of important copies and reach several different points.

Another advantage of screen printing is that it offers great quality and color variety . No other printing process allows us to create so many color effects. Screen printing works with a wide variety of inks of different composition. Finally, another great advantage of printing promotional objects by screen printing is that large quantities of copies can be reproduced at a very high rate.

The screen printing process
Screen printing consists of transferring ink through a mesh stretched in a frame, where the passage of the ink will be blocked in those areas where there is no image by means of an emulsion or varnish, leaving the area where the ink will pass free. This printing system is repetitive as well as effective, since once the first model has been screen printed , we can print as many times as we want without losing definition. Don’t hesitate, if you have to visit or receive many clients or have a promotional event coming up, don’t hesitate to trust in everything that screen printing can do for your promotional gifts.

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