10 Tips to Remodel your Kitchen

The kitchen is without a doubt one of the most important spaces in the house basement remodeling in Waukesha. So how do you know when is the right time to renew it and what is important to take into account for that remodeling?

10 Ideas to Renovate your Kitchen.
Perhaps the first and most important reason to remodel your kitchen is that you do not feel comfortable, simply because you are not comfortable while cooking:

  • the work area is small,
  • the lighting is not adequate,
  • everything is out of fashion now,
  • damaged furniture,
  • the deteriorated veneer,
  • the sink is very small
  • and the faucet is ready to be renewed.
  1. . Take into account your needs:
    Now, what is important to take into account when remodeling a kitchen?: the first and most basic thing… your needs.

It is different to design a kitchen for a large family, than for a small family, for a person who loves to cook, or for a person who cooks out of pure necessity and survival.

  1. Consider the distribution.
    The refrigerator, stove and sink should be located in positions that are functional.

If you are redesigning the kitchen, take into account the following:

  • electricity,
  • the location of the pipe and
  • the drains.

If you are going to move the refrigerator, stove or sink you have to take into account the respective changes. Both water and electricity.

  1. The shape of the space will dictate the shape of the kitchen.
    It is best that the distribution is in accordance and harmony with the shape of the space.
  • If the kitchen is square, it is better to have a U-shaped distribution.
  • If the space is rectangular, it is best for the kitchen to be L-shaped.
  1. The perfect lighting for the kitchen.
    Regarding lighting, I would say that there are three fundamental points:
  • Make the most of natural lighting , if necessary and possible expand a wonderful window, anything to facilitate the entry of Light.
  • As for artificial light , white light and a good amount of light is essential, the work and cooking area must be well lit.
  • And if you have an island, breakfast bar or dining room inside the kitchen, warm light is ideal for that area.
  1. Kitchen furniture.
    Now, when it comes to kitchen furniture, the quality of the material you are going to choose is of utmost importance. It must be of good quality, so you will have a piece of furniture that will last longer, hygienic, resistant and easy to clean.

When you think about kitchen furniture , it is essential that you take into account what you need, for example, drawers, divisions, some special accessories such as the lady Susan, spice racks, shelves and other details that are beautiful and functional.

  1. What type of countertops to choose for the furniture.
    Granite, this material is classic in terms of kitchen countertops. Its advantages: it maintains its color, it is resistant to heat and fire and due to its low porosity it is very difficult to stain.

Quartz has the advantage that it has a large number of designs and alternatives to choose and combine. As for the price ratio, it is a little more expensive than granite.

Marble is not suitable for use in kitchen furniture, given its high porosity, it is very prone to staining.

  1. Veneers or tiles.
    Veneer is definitely an element that will give a beautiful appearance to the kitchen, and it is also necessary for the hygiene and cleanliness of the space .

It is very important that it has harmony with all the elements that make up the kitchen, from the furniture to the color of the walls.

  1. The ideal apartment.
    There are a large number of attractive floor alternatives: porcelain, ceramic, wood, laminate, even stone and even marble.

Always when you are going to choose an element for decoration and especially one as important as the floor, remember to take into account not only all the elements of the kitchen, but the rest of the house, to maintain the harmony of the space.

  1. The sink and its details.
    Before choosing the sink it is important to ask yourself a series of questions:
  • Do you want one or two tanks?
  • Would you like it small, medium or large? When you think about the size of the sink, remember to leave free space for the preparation area and the appliances you need. The size of the sink must be in accordance with the size of the kitchen.
  • How much depth would be functional for you? That is, how deep would be optimal for you.
  1. The taps.
    When it comes to the faucet, it really becomes an accessory in the kitchen decoration. My recommendation is always to opt for the high spout, so that you have more space to wash the dishes. Taking all these into account details you can have a kitchen, well designed, according to your needs.

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